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Savoie - France

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Nearby the ski jumping stadium you can find many facilities, so you can easily change the activities every day, before or after your jump in the stadium.

In the stadium :

  • Three modern hills : a K 60 m, a K 90 m and a K 120 m.
  • A modern lift system : a lift for 18 persons, and an elevator on the big hill.
  • A building for the athletes.
  • A football field.
  • A jump for specifics training.
  • New: a ski jump of 25 meters will be finish by the end of 2008, next to the current ski jump. And a snow factory is now available in winter.

Other facilities:

  • A gymnastic hall : in the school of Le Praz, you can book it in the stadium.
  • A fitness room : in Le Forum in COURCHEVEL 1850, you can book it in the stadium.
  • A swimming pool : in COURCHEVEL 1550.
  • Tennis courts : in COURCHEVEL 1550.
  • An ice-rink : in Le Forum in COURCHEVEL 1850.
  • and many other outdoor activities as golf, hiking, rafting...(you can discover it in the pages "useful adresses")

    N.B. : you can see pictures of those infrastructures on the page "Pictures".





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